Alaskan Seafood Marketing Institute

ASMI promotes all wild Alaska seafood species including Alaska pollock, salmon, halibut, cod and shellfish. Our featured product is Po’Boy Alaskan Pollack Sandwich with Ready To Use Pre-battered Frozen Alaskan Pollock.

Ed Miniat

Creativity, premium culinary attributes, and ease of preparation turn Miniat protein solutions into so much more than a perfectly cooked chicken breast. Our team is committed to collaborating with you to elevate your menu offerings with sous-vide cooked meats and other proteins.

Manns: Veggies Made Easy

Mann’s Better Burger Leaf® premium lettuce leaves are just what your burgers and sandwiches have been waiting for. A truly round shape, beautiful frilly edge and emerald green color provide an upscale appearance that is a perfect fit for buns and sandwich breads


With only three ingredients, Honest Earth® Creamy Mash® offers a “blank canvas” for creating a signature dish. Add more butter and cream or your favorite on-trend lifestyle ingredients—garlic, fresh chives, almond milk, artisanal cheese, toasted pine nuts—and round out the flavor of these simple mashed potatoes to your liking.

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