Chef’s Roll Top Instagram Content of 2020

In 2020 these Chef’s Roll produced videos got the most reach, views, likes, saves and shares on Instagram out of 300 original productions! Bravo Chefs!

Original Source: Chef’s Roll

Data as of 3:32pm 12/8/2020 – all organic.

Chef Josh Ingraham’s Potato Cannelloni for US Potatoes
sheeted russet potato / lemon scented tofu ricotta / puttanesca
Top 1 in Reach // Top 1 in Views // Top 1 in Saves 

Reach 520,411 Views 274,449 Likes 10,145 Saves 5,549 Shares 1,306

Chef Davin Waite makes two vegan dishes – a watermelon “beef” brisket and butternut squash “tuna” sashimi – by utilizing a Henkelman Combivac vacuum sealer, a RATIONAL iCombi Pro, and an Irinox MultiFresh blast chiller for our Kitchens Of The Future series.
Top 1 in Likes // Top 1 in Shares // 2nd in Views // 2nd in Saves // 3rd in Reach

Reach 345,200 Views 214,267 Likes 15,079 Saves 5,059 Shares 4,718

Chef Bernard Guillas Sashimi Royal Hiramasa using sustainable Wheeler Seafood⁠ yellowtail.
2nd in Reach // 3rd in Views

Reach 423,106 Views 203,639 Likes 9,357 Saves 3,464 Shares 981

Chef Ryley Eckersley builds the perfect pasta bowl using local, fresh ingredients and Barilla pasta. fettucinni / tomato textures and preparation / ei tomato water / melon / peppers / prawns / basil
2nd in Likes // 3rd in Shares

Reach 294,200 Views 137,240 Likes 12,841 Saves 3,719 Shares 1,770

Chef Natalie Sawyer tells what it’s like to be the fish butcher at Ironside Fish & Oyster as she breaks down 1,000 pounds of fish!
2nd in Shares

Reach 251,400 Views 157,310 Likes 12,289 Saves 2,429 Shares 2,367

Chef Gina Marinelli takes us to the Amalfi coast with her mouthwatering, simple and light Barilla pasta dish.
orzo / steamed clams / dill salsa verde / basil / preserved lemon
3rd in Likes

Reach 289,600 Views 155,767 Likes 12,537 Saves 3,451 Shares 1,187


Chef Michael Vera shows us how to make a bright, natural fennel oil using his Vitamix Commercial  Vita-Prep 3 by utilizing the heat & friction of the blades on high speed.⁠⠀
3rd in Saves


Reach 192,745 Views 136,414 Likes 10,067 Saves 4,716 Shares 744
Chef’s Roll Top Instagram Content of 2020

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